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We at L&R Civil are committed to the implementation and maintenance of an active and sustainable health, safety and environmental management program as an integrated part of our business and we will continue to provide leadership, support and the means to provide a foundation for the continual improvement in safety, health and environmental performance.
To that end, we will strive to:
1.       Maintain safe workplaces,
2.       Operate safe work procedures,
3.       Protect employees, clients and the general public,
4.       Eliminate and/or mitigate all foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injury, fire, losses or damage to property,
5.        Promote awareness and train all employees in a culture of health and safety and,
6.        Take care of the environment

L&R Civil adheres strictly to the requirements of the OHS Act. The company prides itself in the aggregate scores it obtains when audited and it is company policy that the minimum requirement for an audit score is 93 > 95%. 






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